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Dealing with Chris at HigherFi reminds me of the good old days when all of us audiophiles knew one another and considered you a brother if you shared the passion. He's good people and I respect his advice and square dealing." 
Wes Phillips has been in stereo since 1969. He has written for The Absolute Sound, Video, Soundstage, onHiFi.com, onHomeTheater.com, The Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, AudioVideo.com and was Equipment Reports Editor for Stereophile.


"Having been an audiophile and a reviewer for over ten years, I have dealt with many people in the industry. My experience with Mr Moon of HigherFi.com was one of the smoothest, hassle free experiences I have had. I'm sure we will work together again soon. Thanks Chris!" 
Greg Petan, Managing Editor/Stereotimes.com

  "Chris Moon is an honest, forthright seller of used high-end audio equipment. I have known Chris for over ten years and he has always been above board, knowledgeable, and a very good communicator. I would surely recommend him to anyone looking to sell very high-end audio components on a world-wide stage. I'm not sure there is anyone in the business today that's sold more gear in the uber-end of the market. What else can I say? Highly recommended!"
Jeff Fritz , Editor-in-Chief, the SoundStage Network
  "Having spent some time at HigherFi.com, I can tell you I was impressed with the quality of the site, and varieties of high-end audio. It passes my test for Web/e-commerce site coolosity. HigherFi looks professional in every way. This is good stuff. Chris Moon has a winner here with HigherFi!"
Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback Online, Adjunct Professor at George Fox University and Marylhurst University
  "I first encountered Chris Moon at HigherFi.com while I was Director of Marketing at Audiogon. Chris brought an unmatched reputation for integrity and an amazing variety of astounding products. I've been involved in audio for 40 years, working in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, in the media, as a show-organizer and as a business-development consultant, and there is no one in the audio industry whom I respect and trust more than Chris."
Bill Leebens - Director of Marketing/Audiogon,
Organizer, 2012 New York Audio Show
  "I had the pleasure of setting up a Genesis 1.1 Loudspeaker system with my buddy that was purchased through Chris Moon at HigherFi. The buyer was very happy and we had a blast dialing that system in! Chris seems to have all the great toys and the knowledge to get them pumping out fantastic music."
Michael Mercer, HPSoundings and Positive Feedback



“It was a great experience to buy my Magico Q7 MKII (retail $230,000) from Chris Moon at HigherFi. Very professional, friendly and helpful. The speakers were delivered via air freight and arrived in one piece. Overall a wonderful experience buying from Chris at HigherFi and I would highly recommend them.”
Wei-Chung Chen (China)

I am in Lithuania and I just purchased a pre-owned pair of Wilson Alexandria X2 speakers (retail $160,000) from Chris Moon at HigherFi in the USA and it was just days after Christmas and before the New Year! Christopher made the impossible possible. I sent the full payment in advance by bank wire and he sucessfully shipped the speakers to me here in Lithuania. Instead of his estimated 15 days for delivery they were here in only 7 days despite shipping at the worst time of the year, he handled everything with great expertise. I recommend everyone to the HigherFi company and Christopher Moon personally as a reliable, responsible, honest and highly professional audio equipment dealer. The quality of products sold by him is beyond any doubts, service and customers care are at the highest level, no matter where you are. HigherFi.com is my number one choice now. 
Julia Bazarova (Lithuania)  

HigherFi purchased from us an entire semi-truck packed with excess and surplus electronics inventory. They purchased from us sight unseen with payment in full completely paid in advance. After searching for a reliable and professional electronics inventory clearance specialist we found HigherFi to be a professional and easy to work with company that delivered on their promises and stood out from the rest. We highly recommend HigherFi to any large or small business seeking help with the rapid sale of excess electronics inventory.
Owen Cosby - Gibson Guitar & Pro Audio USA 
Three weeks ago I heard about, for the first time, a company called HigherFi via the Internet. I got in contact with Mr. Christopher Moon from HIGHERFI. and he advised me very well and recommended to me loudspeakers from NTT AUDIOLAB - Model 103 [$150,000 retail], which I hadn`t heard before. Now the speakers stand in my living-room and correspond absolutly to my expectation. The speakers look lovely, the design is perfect and the sound is transparent, but not aggressive and always in harmony with the music. It is the best speaker I have ever heard and I have had a lot of high-end speakers. At last I can say, this advice was the best, the product absolute worldclass and the whole deal with HIGHERFI was really perfect. I can recommend the company HigherFi, and especially Mr. Christopher Moon. 
Mr. Schmidhofer 
HigherFi helped me to sell my pair of pre-owned Wilson Alexandria X-2 speakers [$135,000 retail]. They professionally handled the sale, found the buyer, collected all of the money and after I shipped the speakers to their customer, promptly paid me in full. I highly recomend Chris Moon and his company as an honest, reliable, first-rate company.
Jim Petersen, Jr.
I [paid in advance and] purchased [a pair of Evolution Acoustics $70,000] speakers from Chris at HigherFi. Not only did Chris work with me on the final price, but when I received the speakers they were better condition than I expected. Very happy with the entire transaction.
Gregg Froman
Great transaction [they sold our Genesis 1.1 speakers $150,000 retail], prompt payment, great communication, highly recommended, A+++
Dave Santerian - SOUNDEX 
Higherfi helped me sell my AvantGarde Uno hornsystem fast and fair. Every promise was kept along the way without any delays. When I called, the phone was always picked up personally and I was given top treatment throughout the process although my system was at the bottom end of Higherfi's price range of sales. Fast payment with no hidden surprises. I can only recommend: Higherfi.com!
Heiko Krippendorf, Los Angeles 
I purchased the YG Acoustics Anat Reference II Professional speaker system [$100,000 retail] on Chris Moon’s sole (and illuminating) recommendation (from here in Italy). I had never before heard the speakers nor did I know the manufacturer. I could not have received a better advice for a truly advanced hi-end component. Chris handled all steps of the purchasing procedure, including shipment and delivery, in the most accurate, professional and honest manner. He was also instrumental in helping me liaise with the manufacturer, from whom I obtained useful follow-up information to operate the speakers for best performance. Everything went smoothly and delivery was quick. I can wholeheartedly recommend HigherFi as a center of excellence for any international purchase (or sale) of the best equipment available. 
J. Levy 
Chris Moon and HigherFi are to be rated amongst the finest in the country for ease of purchase, knowledge and sincere care before and after the sale. I pre-paid for a pair of Wilson X-1 Grand SLAMM speakers [$80.000 retail], sight unseen from him. The experience could not have been better. Not only did I receive a pair of the world's finest speakers, in great condition and at a reasonable price, but Chris followed the sale from shipment, receipt and set up until every item was consistently and fully in place. Call or write to me and I will be glad to elaborate further.
Don A. Wetzel
I first purchased Dali Megaline speakers from Chris and then traded them in for new Von Schweikert VR-10 Mk II speakers [$75,000 retail] all of which I paid for in advance, to another state, to a company I'd never done business with before and had only learned about over the Internet. The result ... an awesome experience that provided me with the ultimate sounding system. They can be trusted. Great support and follow up. I highly recommend HigherFi to anyone seeking the best products, prices AND customer service. 
Derrick D'Gama 
I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all of your efforts selling off of my secondary high end system. I was truly amazed that you sold the entire system [over $31,000] in less than thirty days. The transactions were all clean and payment to me the seller was always right on schedule as committed. I could not envision ever trying to sell hi equipment via another channel. Many thanks Chris for your professional approach to liquidating my equipment.
Lee Ferguson
My experience with HigherFi was fantastic [they sold my Halcro DM-88's amplifiers]. Their response was quick and detailed. Although we are located in different countries there was no problem throughout the entire transaction. I would definitely recomend working with them.
Ken Chee 
(Hong Kong)
Please accept my sincerest thanks for your representation in the recent sale of all (yes, all four pairs) of my EBEN loudspeakers [$110,000 retail]. Yours is a model of honest, thorough and wise business practice. But most importantly, you are a true gentleman. I certainly know to whom to turn the next time I or any of my audio colleagues needs to sell high-end audio equipment in a straightforward, worry-free and even enjoyable way. Best regards,
Maurice Schmir - Dyana Audio Design
I purchased rare [$70,000 retail] B&W "Nautilus" speakers from Chris. At first, I was a bit hesitant because of the large transaction volume and also was done internationally with an individual whom I have never dealt with. To make a long story short, the entire transaction was very smooth and expedient given the speakers were shipped from another country. I found him easy to deal with, very down to earth, and best of all he is literally 24x7 guy which is great for an international buyer like me. I highly recommend Chris. He's the best international dealer I have dealt with. 
Sunny Yi
To Whom It May Concern
I sent a $55,000 payment in advance to Chris, [for the payment of a pair of Wilson X-1 Grand Slamm speakers and a Wilson XS Subwoofer] and received all the gear in perfect condition, Chris is great! 
Shane Williams
I purchased the Wilson Wamm speakers [retail $220,000] from you at HigherFi and could not be happier. After wiring the funds to you advance, you made everything happen smoothly and professionally. I would not hesitate to buy from you again or recommend you. Thanks for a smooth deal. 
Ron Lapporte
The new Rockport Sirius III turntable [for over $55,000] arrived safely in mint condition as promised. I can wholeheartedly recommend you to any high-end purchaser looking for the most exclusive equipment in mint condition. I will be using your service again I have no doubt for many years to come.
Simon Kern - Hemisferik Audio 
Many thanks for facilitating my purchase of the Wilson X-1 Series 3's [$80,000 retail]. The speakers were just like new, as you said they would be, and your post-purchase advice about setting them up in my room has been extremely valuable. But, what I would most like your prospective customers to know is that you made a deal happen that neither the seller nor I would have been able to make happen by ourselves ... but you made it happen. Thanks.
Professor L. Schwarz - Purdue University
I contracted with Chris Moon to sell a Wilson speaker system. The selling price was $38,000. Chris professionally handled the transaction with good communication and a clear approach that answered all my questions. The financial arrangements were coordinated by Chris so that both parties were protected and assured of proper payment and delivery. The transaction ended successfully with all parties satisfied. I would recommend Chris Moon/HigherFi to anyone seeking to buy/sell upper-end hifi.
Well Known Audio Reviewer (Name withheld on request)
I just purchased Wilson WAMM 7A [$220,000 retail] from Chris at Higherfi. I worried about international purchasing but it happened smoothly. The speakers were damaged during shipping, but he handled everything professionally and now I am happy. If you have a plan to purchase used high-end audio, do not attempt to buy without the help of a professional like Chris. Thank you Chris! 
Dr. J. H.
Once again an excellent transaction [$25,000 AvantGarde TRIO speakers]. Highly recommended.
Victor Lee
Excellent service . Received Von Schweikert VR7SE [$65,000] speakers as described. Nice communication as well . Thanks!
Riwin Homan
I want to take a moment to thank you for a first class experience. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Your professionalism, knowledge, communication and support throughout the [$50,000 Krell Evolution] equipment decision process, the purchase logistics, the delivery, and the post sales follow-up were all first class. You are a class act and I am sure we will be doing business again!
Bob Biamonte
[The Evolution Acoustics speakers - $30,000 arrived] well packed, good communication, shipped quickly thanks! A++++++++++++
Gregg Froman 
They made a high dollar transaction comfortable [$33,000 Audionote GakuOn amplifiers]. Great follow ups and updates. Does what he says he will do. Highly recommended and trustworthy. Thanks. 
Deja Vu Audio
Good seller! Recommended, rated AAAAAAA. Purchased Transrotor Gravita turntable [$25,000]
Ryan Kim
I just purchased a pair of pre-owned Wilson WAMM 7 speakers (new retail was $220,000) from Chris at HigherFi and could not be happier ... these are some bad ass speakers! Chris helped with arranging everything and I could not have done this without him. He was great with answering all my questions, providing support both before and after the sale and has a good demeanor. I highly recomend him and his company.
Dr. Robert Cicarell
Chris is a Gentleman to do business with. Trustworthy, knowledgeable and really helpful. I purchased a pair of Wilson Grand Slamms. Chris invited me to Dinner and demonstrated some of his wares. A thoroughly enjoyable purchasing experience. Also very profitable, saving some $50,000 US on list price. I look forward to doing business with Chris soon. 
Andrew Brownstone.
The $30,000 in speakers and $80,000 in Tube Research electronics arrived in great condition after I paid in advance for them all. Very prompt delivery to Singapore, half the globe around!! Perfect! Recommended!
G. Lee
Dear Chris, 
Thank you for helping me to sell almost $140,000 (in retail value) of my Tube Research audio equipment. Not only did you handle the details with the several overseas buyers that you found but you managed to sell ALL of my used gear in only 40 days!!! I highly recomend your service. 
Brian M. Emerson 
Chris Moon of HigherFi helped me locate a buyer and sell my Wilson WAMM 7A speaker system [$220,000 retail]. He helped to coordinate the transaction in a professional manner and I can highly recommend utilizing his services and those of his company. Through his friendly, courteous nature and hard work he was able to bridge the gap and close the deal.
Roger Grant
We were so happy purchasing [$50,000 Goldmund Apologue speakers] from you. Especially, kind consideration about the satisfaction of goods since arrival to Korea was so happy for us. I can be sure that we have a reliable relation for purchasing more goods from you. Thank you again!
James Jin-Sung, Park 
As a first time customer with Chris Moon I was naturally cautious about prepaying $55,000 in advance for the purchase of some Wilson X-1 Grand Slamm's speakers. Chris handled every detail and the transaction completed smoothly, I could not be happier. I highly recomend him to anyone seeking the ultimate in high fidelity, after-sale support and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. 
Harry R. (Last name withheld on request)
HigherFi made my dreams come true, they sold my $40,000 Boulder amp in less than 30 days and then helped me purchase my first pair of Wilson X-1 Series III speakers [$80,000 retail]. The speakers arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier. I highly recomend Chris Moon and his company. 
Rod Tschiggfrig
Second experience with Higherfi ... no problems at all. I paid in advance, and everything arrived in time and in great conditions. Now, I take more than ever pleasure to listen to music with these fantastics FM Acoustics amps and like Chris said to me, "FM Acoustics makes my ears smile" I highly recomend HigherFi 
Cédric Jouan 
Dear Chris, 
Thank you for all of your help in [selling my $89,000 Cabasse Atlantis speakers], it could not have happened without you.
Charles E Lindley III 
Chris Moon and HigherFi exceeded my expectations of a high end audio shop in every regard. He was a able to sell a pair of X-1 Grand Slams for us in UNDER one week! His communication, professionalism and integrity were among the very best that we've encountered. Throughout the $40,000 transaction, he was there with packing and shipping advice as well as making sure that the funds were bank wired directly into our account. We will definitely use him to help us sell the higher than hi-end audio in the future. 
Kurt Doslu, owner Echo Audio - www.echohifi.com 
It was great to be able to sell my THREE Wilson X-1 Grand Slamm's with such ease. The transaction went smoothly and my payment was rapid, thanks Chris.
Dr. Robert Lapporte
Mr. Christopher Moon is a very professional, very friendly seller with very good communication. In the course of dealing for purchase of a pair of [$90,000 Rockport Altair] speakers, I could contact him very easily, day or night. He answered each of my questions very detailedly and handled every aspect of the buying and shipping very smoothly. His shipping quote was genuinely real. Items were perfect as described without any issue. I am grateful for Chris in handling my transaction
Rick Chue 
I found Chris Moon on the internet by Googling "used audiophile equipment". I called him and was delighted to talk to an extremely well informed audiophile. [I sent him all of my equipment to sell] He was able to sell all my equipment [over $25,000], including B&W 800's in less than a month. His honesty and professionalism are above reproach and I am proud to say I found a new friend in Chris Moon.
Dr. William Davison, M.D. 
Dr. Bill Davison


Dear Chris,
As a first time customer of Higher Fi.com I was slightly reticent about making this type of purchase from overseas and over the 'net. However, I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. Chris maintained excellent communications throughout the transaction and has been extremely responsive and helpful with respect to each query I raised along the way. The Krell 25sc arrived in mint condition with absoultely no transportation problems or delays experienced. Higher Fi will undoubtedly be my first port of call for my next purchase. 
S. Haycock (Dubai)
I am just delighted to receive the brand new Von Schweikert VR-4SR MkII speakers [$12,000 retail] and I am now lookiing forward to enjoying them. Best regards
Michael Ong (Malaysia)
I just wanted to say how great it was dealing with you, despite you being in the USA and me here in distant New Zealand. It has been a pleasure dealing with you on what was an expensive item[$9,000 retail Kondo IO-M Phono Cartridge]. You were great communicating both before and after the sale. I look forward to doing business with you again. 
Murray Nash (New Zealand)
Just wanted to drop you an email saying thanks for the smooth transaction for the Halcro DM68 amps. Jeffrey Miller USA
Buying a pair of PMC MB2i XBd speakers from www.HigherFi.com was a smooth and hassle free process. Chris Moon was prompt in communication and facilitated each stage of the transaction. The speakers arrived in perfect condition and needless to say, I am thrilled with them! Highly recommended! Thank you again, 
Dr. David Bell (Singapore)
To Whom It May Concern Personal Reference 
I bought Krell gear from Chris Moon / HigherFi.com for which I prepaid by wire transfer. This overseas transaction went smooth all the way and everything was professional from the first mail until the unit was received. I would recommend HigherFi and Chris to anyone looking for a high end specialist with knowledge and customer care. 
Gyorgy Kozma (Hungary)
The Amati Homage speakers arrived in great condition. I'm a happy customer. It is a pleasure to deal with you and you are highly recommended ! 
Luke Chang USA
Needless to say that he is an experienced international seller. Purchased a Goldmund Reference Turntable ($50,000 retail). Fast shipping, Perfect packing, Highly recommended!! 
Kim Hyang Ja, (S. Korea) 
HigherFi was instrumental in helping me sell my high end [dCS] digital system. Although I had previously sold equipment on Audiogn, this was a much more personal experience since I felt that I was dealing with a real person and not some cyber-cadet. More importantly, I felt that Christopher really understood the nature of high end transactions which differs significantly from box-in-a-box system sales. I was happy with all aspects of the transaction and the communication which accompanied it.
Lawrence Devoe Augusta Georgia USA
Now I became an owner of Mark Levinson ML33 amplifiers. Chris is very helpful person, I recommend you his company to buy rare pieces of Hi-End audio.
Dmitry, (Russia) 
I love my Levinson ML335 and the 380s they are like new ... thanks for the great advise and good deal. 
Mr. Whaley USA
It is a pleasure doing business with you. I was hesitating when I first dealt with you but all of my concern was gone once the Krell FPB600c was picked up only two days after the wire transfer of funds had gone into your bank account. You have handled this international transcation in a very professional manner and made the shipment of this huge Krell to Hong Kong silky smooth. The Krell FPB600c is in excellent condition and comes with the original packing which prevented any damage to the amplifer during shipment to Hong Kong. I find you to be a trustworthy and honest seller and I would have no hesitation of doing business with you again. Also I would recommend to anyone living in Asian countries to buy from you.
Paul Chung (Hong Kong)
I was really pleased with system [$80,000 Acoustic Reality Glass Speakers], and everything worked well. Thanks for a good deal, and I am more confident of buying pricier stuff from your company in the future.
John Koh Kim Seng (Singapore) 
Chris is a fantastic seller!! He was communicative, friendly and extremely attentive. He quashed all my fears [there is always an element of blind faith involved in these transactions] and delived the goods [Walker Proscenium Gold Signature turntable] quickly and in great condition.
John Stokes IV MD USA
Dear Chris,
Laudamus dei! The [Sonus Faber] speakers arrived in perfect condition. They sound as we had hoped. We appreciate the time you spent communicating with us as delivery problems, which were outside your immediate control, arose. We thank you for your professional demeanor, but also your kindness during this transaction. We are glad, that we discovered you as also a future source for our equipment needs. Aloha.
Dr. Wolf Reitsperger (Hawaii) 
These guys are real professionals. This is the way audio deals should be handled [Zanden 9000 amp].
David Schectman USA
Thank you for the Levinson ML336 amp. You are a great seller. Will do business again with you. Highly recommended.
Andy Cao (China)
I recieved the Cary SLP05 pre-amp in the middle of last week. Stunning pre amp! Brand new just as described! Thanks for great service and shipment. I will buy from you again :) Do you have another one? 
Mikal Andreassen (Netherlands)
It was a great pleasure to deal with Chris. Purchased Transparent Ref MM speaker cables and interconnects [$30,000 retail]. Quick shipping and perfect packaging. Great communication. Couldn't be any better, and this was an international sale. Highly recommended!!!
Georg Baumoehl (Germany)

The Von Schweikert VR-4SR Mk II arrived in fine shape yesterday. Thank you and the customer service was above and beyond excellent, so good in fact I am now buying the VR-5 SE also. Thanks again and good fortune to you all in the future.
Derl Stovall USA
We had all kinds of problems getting a pair of amplifiers (Pass Labs X-600) shipped (rush service to Canada), but in the end this was one of the best transactions I have ever had. Chris has the most incredible patience and attention to detail. We will do business again. You can trust him 
David Riggs (Canada) 
Just a quick note to say thanks very much for your quick delivery and excellent customer service. The KwP has arrived in mint condition and, more importantly, sounds awesome partnered with my KW amps. I would certainly purchase from you again. 
Mike Hirst (England) 
Smooth transaction, product [Wilson Watchdog] was in perfect condition, and communication was first rate. I don't think you can find service any better than this. Chris is a true professional.
Brannon Pyles USA
I received the shipped consignment and everything is in good condition just as you described in your emails and I would like to thank the people in HigherFi for the extra effort on proper packing and shipment to ensure ordered goods were delivered in good condition. This effort provides me a strong confidenence for future purchases from HigherFi and I hope my testimonial will serves as a reference for International HiFi enthusiast buyers to make purchases from HigherFi. Keep up the good work. Regards, 
Simon Tan. (Malaysia)
I would recommend Chris Moon to anyone interesting to buy end HiFi products. The service it´s great. I sent the payment to you in advance [for a Krell processor and 2 Krell amps] and received all the products in perfect condition. I hope to do business with you soon again. 
Mario Ussyk (Brazil)
Just a note to express my profound gratitude for the service I have received through this transaction! [Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable]. In this day and age when even getting to talk to a human being when calling a business is a rarity, it is refreshing to see that service is not dead and that someone does treat the customer as if their business is appreciated. This is, without a doubt, the most amazing audio transformation in all my audio days!!!!! 
Dr. John Stokes IV M.D. USA
Higherfi is a good seller [Nagra CDC] and keep his every promise. A+++++
Andy Cheng (China)
You can trust this seller, he went far out of his way to make sure everything [Boulder 2060 amp] was good. Thanks.
Jim VanBuskirk USA
HigherFi helped us to sell our pair of Mark Levinson ML33 amps from the other side of the globe. They where able to find us a European buyer, handled all aspects of the transaction professionally and provided payment in full prior to shipping. I highly recomend their service to any international buyers or sellers.
Dealer name witheld by request (UAE - United Arab Emirates)
I received the Goldmund this afternoon. I've tried it, it sounds excellent. I am very happy!
Thank you very much. We will do business again.
Mr. Pham USA
Dear Chris,
Thank you for making the purchase of one of the world finest loudspeakers such a pleasure. I am impressed with the way you expertly and efficiantly handled my late change in shipping demands and the subsequent problems it created. Your integrity and service is second to none and I look forward to doing business in the future. 
Simon Gligic (Australia)
Chris is a great guy to deal with. We worked out a trade + some cash [Ayre K-1X] and everything went very smoothly. A+ seller. 
Jake Roadhouse USA
Since we are overseas here in England, we wire transferred the payment in advance for the Wadia CD player - everything arrived perfect and on time, thanks for everything.
Mr. Goh (England)
You may not have been physically present but your constant follow up and clear communication made up for it. I have purchased from you before, I again bought from you and will definitely buy from you again! Your prices and very right and your selection beats everyone, on line. Thanks !!!
A. Andaleon USA
Hello again,
Thank you for shipping my gear to me here in Finland. I have been living with the Levinson amp for a week now and I must say that I am very satisfied with my purchase and your excellent service. You may use me as a reference.
Mr. Muurinen (Finland)
Mr. Moon
Regarding my Krell 600c - Excellent service, fast, good price. Would like to buy again from you.
Mr. Nogueira USA
I am very happy with my purchase from you of a pair of $12,000 Cary CAD 211 Anniversary Monoblocks, I am running them now as we speak. I am very happy with my purchase, and will be back to you soon (for a new purchase).
Athanasios Kanellakis (Greece)
Mr. Moon
HigherFi sold our Wilson Maxx speakers in just a couple of weeks after finding us a buyer in the USA. We shipped the speakers according to directions from HigherFi and then received full payment after they arrived. The experience was pleasurable from start to finish. I highly recommend their services for Audiophiles whishing to sell expensive audio gear safely and rapidly.
Mr. Pen Pross (Canada) 
I want to thank you for your consideration on my purchase of my Krell. When you told me that I needed to first wire money and also send my Theta Casablanca prior to your sending out my new unit, I almost passed on this. I verified your association with the manufacturer and that was key to my proceeding. You have been extremely efficient, and honest during this past week. I sincerely appreciate it and I will offer anyone a recommendation of your company.
Mr. Katzin USA
I got the Nagra amp yesterday, I want to thank you. Everything is ok ! The sound is very good ! Best regards, 
Cédric Jouan (France)
The Wilson speakers are better then expected. I will buy from HigherFi again. The guy is fair and honest. A++++++ 
Rick Ball USA
Mr. Moon, 
I picked up the Audio Research Preamp just one hour ago at the International Airport of San Juan, Puerto Rico. I paid everything in advance in cash. The unit arrived perfect. It looks perfect. As I said before, it has been a pleasure dealing with you. I plan to buy additional equipment from you, starting with a power amp.Best regards,
Mr. Amadeo (Puerto Rico)
The Rowland 9Ti amps came yesterday in perfect condition. I am delighted with the outcome of our dealings. You may feel free to use me as a reference.
David Shapiro USA
Yesterday I have received the (EMM Labs CDSD and DAC 6E) shipment from you. I have connected them and they are functioning well. Thanks again for your prompt response and shipping. Happy to have business with you. Hoping to have business with you in future!.
FM Chow (Hong Kong)
Dear Chris,
I recently purchased the largest Martin Logan speakers from your company.  The speakers alone sounded just down right excellent which is mostly a testament to the designers at ML.  What made the deal all the better for me was your ability to make the speakers affordable and the extra time you spent providing me with advice on how to maximize my listening experience.  This was not included in the great deal that you gave me and is greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to have any prospective clients contact me if a customer reference is needed. 
Mr. Slay USA
Hi Chris,
I’ve received the [Krell speakers] I bought from you today. Thank you for the quick delivery and low price.
Masatoshi Iwase (Japan)
Thank you very much Chris for the excellent [$18K Dynaudio Evidence Temptation] speakers and great deal you gave me! You've been the best communicator ever! Very honest. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you very much, I look forward to many years of enjoyment with these fine speakers.
John Aarness USA
The two (Cary Audio SLP-05) boxes arrived today. No damage and in a condition as described. The [$7,500] SLP-05 fully met my expectations. Thanks for nice communication and quick respondation.
Truls Konow (Norway)
Mr. Chris Moon
I just received the Goldmund speakers and amps here in Korea, everything is fantastic and such a good deal too. I look forward to doing much businesss with you and suggest all my friends buy from you - even though you are overseas it is like buying locally. Thank you very much!.
Mr. Wen (Korea) 
We purchased an ML38S & Sequerra Tuner - We sent our trade-in gear in advance and trusted you to send us your gear on receipt. You did so promptly and everything was great!!! OK to call for a reference.
Mrs. Ranheim USA
Hi Chris
Just a quick message to say thanks for making the purchase [Dali Megaline speakers] so easy and for being so helpful.
Troy Wear (England) 
You are very Nice to deal with. Professional and Trustworthy. Great Packer Too!!.
Mr. Rodney Eugenio (Philippines)
Mr. Moon
Levinson arrived yesterday, hooked up, and all working great.
Good doing business with you.
Mr. Adams USA
...I'm blown away! What a great payoff to a transaction which challenged us both in many ways. I look forward to our next transaction together which could involve any number of components. You can count on me being in touch. I would like to offer my services to you if you ever need a reference.
Mr. Sullivan USA
The turntable arrived today, no problems, looks good and sounds great! Many thanks for taking the trouble to ship them abroad to me. Regards 
Mark Howarth (Japan)
Chris has been the best communicator ever! Very honest and willing to bargain / negotiate. I am very happy with my purchase [$18,500 - Dynaudio Evidence Temptation speakers]. Thanks. 
John Aarness USA
The preamp is arrived safely and with a wonderful sound . Thank you very much . 
Best Regards 
Chang-shyue Yang (Taiwan)
Mr. Moon,
The Revel Studios came yesterday afternoon. They arrived in perfect condition and sound wonderful.
R. Goldstein USA
Mr. Christopher Moon
I paid in advance for a ML37 which you shipped to the Netherlands for me. Everything went smooth, thankyou!!!
Mr. Rietveld (Netherlands)
I am another happy customer. I absolutely love my VR4jr's. I wouldn't hestitate to make another purchase from you.
Jeff Dodmead USA
I just received the Revel Salon speakers yesterday evening. They are in great condition. Thank you.
John Koh (Singapore)
Mr. Moon,
The Levinson arrived today and is now in its new home in my audio rack. As promised, it is in mint condition and in perfect working order. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Please count me among your very satisfied customers.
Mr. Klugewicz USA
I greatly appreciate the support and quick turnaround on the Tenor amps. We completed the whole deal in about a week, from wire transfer to safe shipment to London. Everything was in perfect order and as described. I'll definitely revisit HigherFi for future purchases. 
John Greenfield (England) 
Very good experience this purchase of a Nagra MPA ! Thanks to Chris who gave me many informations about it, and send it very quickly and in perfect condition. I'm very happy to be the owner a such good amp at a very nice price ! I recommend HigerFi to anyone, even from Europe like me. 
Cédric Jouan (France)
Dear Chris,
I want to express my gratitude about the professional and honest way you handled all your transactions with my purchases. You where always very helpful and knowledgeable about all the equipment, and if I had ever any questions you where there to quickly answer. You where able to provide a great service with exceptional high-end equipment ( 2 Gryphon amps and 1 pair of Watt/Puppy 6's) at a remarkable great price. For all of this I thank you tremendously and I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Mr. Csupo USA
Dear Cris 
I'm Um Keon Woo. The Wadia I purchased from you was delivered to me today. This unit is very good condition. I pay very low money for tax also because of your help.Thanks again.
Um Keon Woo (Korea)
Hi Chris; 
I would like to thank you sincerely for all your expert help, your kindness and your straightforwardness on getting the such tremendous amp (Krell 600cx) with a tremendous deal. You are great person and huge plus for high end audio in US. Anyway, It was such pleasure to make business with you and I'm sure that will do more in the future. You have yourselve a loyal customer. Thanx 
Devrim Selek USA
Dear Mr. Christopher Moon:
I sent you payment in advance and am glad to see the Tandberg 3001A which you sold me is performing well and giving me many hours of listening pleasure.
Thank you and best regards,
Mr. Cheong (Hong Kong)



Chris is superb - professional, prompt with payment and, above all, a true gentleman. A pillar of the Audiogon community!
Mschmir Eben X-5 Speakers 
10-24-07 Positive

We had all kinds of problems getting a pair of amplifiers shipped, but in the end this was one of the best transactions I have ever had. Chris has the most incredible patience and attention to detail. We will do business again. You can trust him 
Driggs Pass labs X600 Monos 
08-18-07 Positive

Excellent service . Received item as described. Nice communi 
Riwin_h Von Schweikert VR-7SE speakers
05-15-07 Positive

Perfect condition. Fast shipment. A real pleasure to deal with 
Jmslaw Conrad Johnson ACT II Sold 
05-14-07 Positive

An all around great experience. Chris is the best seller. 
Mrheehaw B&W 802 SIII Sold 
05-07-07 Positive

A great seller. Will do business again with. Highly recommen 
Audiosu Mark Levinson ML336 Sold 
05-07-07 Positive

Chris has been the best communicator ever! Very honest 
Johnhelenjake Dynaudio Evidence Temptations 
05-03-07 Positive

Good transaction. Jjss49 QUAD ESL 63 Sold 04-22-07 Positive

Smooth Transaction, Excellent ,A+++++ 
Alpha3 Mark Levinson 38S 
04-04-07 Positive

Once again excellent transaction, highly recommended seller. 
Bluetosman Avantgarge Trio Speakers
03-30-07 Positive

Audiogems Genesis 200 
03-30-07 Positive

Lunac is a good seller and keep his every promises. A+++++ 
Andychwf Nagra CDC 
03-26-07 Positive

Chris is a great guy to deal with. We worked out a trade + 
Rottenclam Ayre K-1xrp 
03-26-07 Positive

Good seller! recommend AAAAAA 
Hsk4011 Transrotor Gravita Turntable 
03-06-07 Positive

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.Perfect in every ways. 
Concertopiano King KS300 Speakers
02-24-07 Positive

You can trust this seller. he went far out of his way to ma 
Jimbov Boulder 2050 
Sold 02-20-07 Positive

Excellent seller, the product was exactly as described and t 
Wmm dCS Elgar 
01-26-07 Positive

Item in great shape. Promptly shipped. Will do business again 
Thayer1905 SME V 
12-12-06 Positive

exellent seller, very recommended AAA+++++ 
Bluetosman krell 750mcx 
11-12-06 Positive

I live in Japan. I received the item one week later. 
Nikke Von Schweikert Vr4 jr 
09-05-06 Positive

Great communication. Prompt service. Excellent response 
Tgrisham Von Schweikert VR4 JR 
07-26-06 Positive

Quick professional responses to all emails. Fast accommodati 
Dvdhwk Von Schweikert VR 1 Sold 
07-13-06 Positive

The Wilson speakers are better then expected. The guy is fair and honest. A++++++ 
ID: Nicknapster - Wilson Watt/Puppy speakers
07-01-06 Positive

Great seller! Very smooth transaction! Hope that we can do business again!
ID: Gavinchan - Mark Levinson 380
05-26-06 Positive

Chris was a pleasure to do business with. Fast, professional and honest. Recommended. 
ID: Mbodner - Von Schweikert VR 4jr
05-15-06 Positive

Capable, available, professional seller. Highly recommended, A+
ID: Dlshifi - Von Schweikert VR-4jr
05-12-06 Positive

Chris helped all the way through this high end purchase. Projector is awesome and arrived mint. Hope to do business again A+++
ID: Lawton111 - SIM2 C3X projector
05-09-06 Positive

Chris has the best prices and is a real gentleman...Transaction went smooth and easy
ID: Gvt1911 - Von Schweikert VR 4 Gen III
04-29-06 Positive

Chris is a fantastic seller!! He was communicative, friendly. He delivered the goods quickly and in great condition. 
ID: Perditty - Walker Proscenium Gold Sig Turntable
04-27-06 Positive

Made high dollar transaction comfortable.Great follow ups. Does what he says he would do. Highly recommended and trustworthy. thanks.
ID: Vudoo - Audionote GakuOn Monoblocks 
04-13-06 Positive

Nothing but great things to say about Chris. Very knowledgable. This is how it should be done. A++++
ID: Mang53 - Zanden 9000 series 300B amps
04-11-06 Positive

Purchased Wilson MAXX speakers with trade in. Condition was as advertised and Chris ensured a smooth transaction with continuous communication throughout. Buy with confidence. Highly recommended! 
ID: John_fritz - Wilson MAXX speakers 
04-11-06 Positive

Smooth transaction, product was in perfect condition, and communication was first rate. I don't think you can find service any better than this. Chris is a true Audiogon professional 
ID: Audiodreamer - Wilson Watchdog subwoofer
04-09-06 Positive

I wired $10K in advance; amps arrived in excellent condition - Krell FPB 450Mcx 
Positive by Buyer Hampton on 10-11-05

Fast response and prompt delivery even in international ship - EMM Labs DAC 6e & CDSD
Positive by Buyer Chowkm on 10-06-05

Great professional service. Mint condition of Rockport (Sirius III) was represented accurately, coordination of the conversion to 240V and system check was all organised. I could not be happier, my dream phonograph delivered as if new. 
Positive by Buyer Hemisferik (3) on 05-27-05

Purchased WAMM 7a, Real professional. Buy with confidence. 
Positive by Buyer Han (27) on 05-23-05

Power dealer did it again. Sold my JM Lab Grand Utopia Be fast and paid in advance. TOP NOTCH! 
Positive by Seller Rlapporte (36) on 05-22-05

Chris is a true gentleman that works very hard to ensure a client is truly satisfied. 
Positive by Buyer The_top_wop (63) on 04-30-05

Very smooth transaction. I sold THREE Wilson X-1's with rapid payment. Thanks. 
Positive by Lapporte (12) on 04-07-05

$25K pre-paid, ultimate products, great prices, great service, trustworthy!!! 
Positive by Dott_c (36) on 04-06-05

Great seller! Fast transaction, condition was as described. A++ 
Positive by Anmaksh (30) on 03-01-05

Fast shipping,good item,.Honest guy! A++++++++ 
Positive by Lothario (48) on 01-21-05

Quite a gentleman to work with - Chris was very patient to receive payment. 
Positive by Jafox (117) on 01-16-05

Incredibly fast and accurate shipping, recommend A+++++++++++++++++ 
Positive by Lothario (48) on 01-13-05

Flawless transaction; Chris is trust worthy & easy to deal with; Great seller! 
Positive by Fcgobucks (6) on 01-04-05

Excellent service AND great follow-up. Shipment to London in perfect condition. 
Positive by John_greenfield (3) on 01-03-05

Chris was easy to deal with, honest and prompt. Perfect seller! 
Positive by Tomicic (3) on 01-02-05

C.Moon has absolute top-of-the-line equipment and is great person to buy from! 
Positive by Copperbop (57) on 12-30-04

High end product with service to match, my highest recommendation...Cheers! 
Positive by Rockethouse (9) on 10-29-04

Paid $25000++ in advance, received gear in perfect condition overseas A+++++ 
Positive by Audiosg (103) on 10-25-04

Honest, reliable, high value transaction, item received as advertised AAAAAA+ 
Positive by Computerguy (55) on 10-21-04

Chris is very trustworthy & a man of his word. Awesome equipment & fast. Thanks! 
Positive by Racercarp (15) on 10-16-04

A+ Seller $38,000 paid in advance, perfect product as described 100% trustworthy 
Positive by Sector9 (3) on 10-04-04

Chris is a first rate buyer,honest and trustworthy.very professional 
Positive by Borax56 (12) on 09-06-04

Great value. Did everything to keep shipping fast and low cost. Would buy again! 
Positive by Kipferler (75) on 08-28-04

Great transaction on B&W speakers. Arrived in perfect condition and exactly as promised
Positive by Eol1950 (3) on 07-22-04

Transaction went smoothly, terrific at returning email... would do bus. again! 
Positive by Sfbimmer (12) on 05-19-04

A+, Perfect deal, sold my Wilson X-1's in ONE WEEK! Ultimate buyer & reliable. 
Positive by Echoaudio (249) on 05-08-04

I paid $55,000 in advance, received gear in perfect condition, Chris is great! 
Positive by Mrpresident (64) on 03-04-04

Great communication, fast response, easy to deal with, A++ rated member
Positive by Adona_corporation (21) on 03-04-04

Great transaction. Very professional. Prompt, trustworthy. Will buy again. 
Positive by Johnax (12) on 02-15-04

Chris is really easy to do business with - highly recommended!! 
Positive by Krello (114) on 05-14-03

Very professional, good transaction, would do business again. AAA 
Positive by Audio10 (6)on 01-09-03

First class seller!! $16000 Rockport table. Fair price, great guy! Thanks Chris 
Positive by Lakefrontroad (189)on 06-19-02

Fast response, takes care of any issue one has, great to work with 
Positive by Lwang (15)on 06-15-02

Chris is a superb person to do business with. Extremely knowledgeable helpful, 
Positive by Leonbusa (1)on 05-23-02

A class act! Extremely responsive, fair, and a delight to deal with. 
Positive by Rlapporte (9)on 05-04-02

Highly recommended audiogon member. Very nice to deal with. AAA class!!!!!!!!!!! 
Positive by Edwardtu (138)on 1-16-02

VERY well packaged, quick response to emails, even had a followup, A++ 
Positive by Urbanbye (63)on 9-1-01

Great to work with. Buy with confidence. Chris is the MAN! AAAA!!! Thanks again 
Positive by Patmatt (94)on 6-30-01

Top of the line equipment and people--buy with confidence. 
Positive by Fish0236 (15)on 6-29-01

Excellent service, fast, good price. Would like to buy again from them. 
Positive by Vn101606 (12) on 4-2-01

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