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We WILL Sell Your Used Audio Equipment or Full System For You.


HigherFi is the "Worlds Largest Online Seller of High-End Audio" and we can help you quickly and safely sell your used audio equipment, no matter where you live in the world. For years, we have been helping manufacturers, distributors, dealers AND private individuals sell their high-end audio equipment.

There is no cost unless we sell your equipment, you retain your equipment.

There is no need to send it to us and there is no obligation or long term contract so you can cancel at any time.

We only get paid when we sell your equipment.

WE DO NOT BUY: Car stereos or car speakers, televisions, projectors, PA equipment, mass market (Best Buy) equipment ir items that have a retail price under $1,000.

We provide the following services to you:

  • We cover 100% of all costs - no money is required out of your pocket at any time
  • We only get paid when we sell your gear and add our comission on top of your price
  • We work with everyone - dealers, manufacturers, distributors AND private individuals
  • We can evaluate your equipment and advise you what it will really sell for in this market
  • We pay all advertising and marketing costs for your equipment on an International basis
  • We produce legal contracts on expensive sales to manage the transaction securely
  • We can assist and direct you on packing and shipping the equipment to the buyer
  • We facilitate trade-ins (which we buy directly) so you get paid all in cash
  • We have approx 50,000 weathy customers come to our online store every month looking ONLY for high end audio

We have extensive experience in liquidating (often very expensive) equipment for private individuals all over the world, even large systems which are very expensive. We can provide a turnkey solution to handle all of the details and provide rapid and secure payment. We are selective about the equipment we sell so please contact us to discuss your needs and the type of gear you have to sell. For more information, please contact Christopher Moon at (952) 440-2226 or click here and tell us what you have, how much you want for it.



Having been an audiophile and a reviewer for over ten years, I have dealt with many people in the industry. My experience with Mr. Moon of HigherFi.com was one of the smoothest, hassle free experiences I have had. I'm sure we will work together again soon. Thanks Chris.
Greg Petan, Managing Editor/Stereotimes.com

Chris Moon is an honest, forthright seller of used high-end audio equipment. I have known Chris for over ten years and he has always been above board, knowledgeable, and a very good communicator. I would surely recommend him to anyone looking to sell very high-end audio components on a world-wide stage. I'm not sure there is anyone in the business today that's sold more gear in the uber-end of the market. What else can I say? Highly recommended!
Well Known Reviewer, Jeff Fritz UltraAudio

I contracted with Chris Moon to sell a Wilson speaker system. The selling price was $38,000. Chris professionally handled the transaction with good communication and a clear approach that answered all my questions. The financial arrangements were coordinated by Chris so that both parties were protected and assured of proper payment and delivery. The transaction ended successfully with all parties satisfied. I would recommend Chris Moon/HigherFi to anyone seeking to buy/sell upper-end hifi. 
Well Known Audio Reviewer (Name withheld on request)

My experience with HigherFi was fantastic [they sold my Halcro DM-88's amplifiers]. Their response was quick and detailed. Although we are located in different countries there was no problem throughout the entire transaction. I would definitely recomend working with them. 
Ken Chee (Hong Kong)

Please accept my sincerest thanks for your representation in the recent sale of all (yes, all four pairs) of my EBEN loudspeakers [$110,000 retail]. Yours is a model of honest, thorough and wise business practice. But most importantly, you are a true gentleman. I certainly know to whom to turn the next time I or any of my audio colleagues needs to sell high-end audio equipment in a straightforward, worry-free and even enjoyable way. 
Maurice Schmir

HigherFi helped us to sell our pair of [$40,000 retail] Mark Levinson ML33 amps from the other side of the globe. They where able to find us a European buyer, handled all aspects of the transaction professionally and provided payment in full prior to shipping. I highly recommend their service to any international buyers or sellers. 
Dubai Audio (UAE - United Arab Emirates)

Chris Moon of HigherFi helped me locate a buyer and sell my Wilson WAMM 7A speaker system [$220,000 retail]. He helped to coordinate the transaction in a professional manner and I can highly recommend utilizing his services and those of his company. Through his friendly, courteous nature and hard work he was able to bridge the gap and close the deal. 
Roger Grant

HigherFi sold our Wilson Maxx speakers in just a couple of weeks after finding us a buyer in the USA. We shipped the speakers according to directions from HigherFi and then received full payment after they arrived. The experience was pleasurable from start to finish. I highly recommend their services for Audiophiles wishing to sell expensive audio gear safely and rapidly. 
Mr. Pen Pross (Canada)

I found HigherFi on the Internet by Googling "used audiophile equipment". I called Chris Moon at HigherFi and was delighted to talk to an extremely well informed audiophile. I then sent him all of my equipment in advance to sell for me and he was able to sell all my equipment [over $25,000] in less than a month. His honesty and professionalism are above reproach and I am proud to say I found a new friend in Chris Moon. 
Dr. William Davison, M.D.

After finding Higherfi online on the Internet, I decided to trust them and sent over $100,00 of equipment to them to sell for me. They completed the task and sold all the gear within 90 days and paid me promptly as each item was sold. Even with such a large amounts of money I never had any concerns in dealing with HigherFi - their reputation speaks for itself and now I am just another very happy customer saying all the same things as everyone else - use these guys, they really are the best in the world!
Kevin Brady, (England)

It was great to be able to sell all THREE of my Wilson X-1 Grand Slamm's with such ease in one shot. The transaction went smoothly and my payment was rapid, thanks HigherFi.
Dr. Robert Lapporte

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all of your efforts selling off of my secondary high end system. I was truly amazed that you sold the entire system [over $31,000] in less than thirty days. The transactions were all clean and payment to me the seller was always right on schedule as committed. I could not envision ever trying to sell hi equipment via another channel. Many thanks Chris for your professional approach to liquidating my equipment. 
Lee Ferguson

HigherFi was instrumental in helping me sell my high end [dCS] digital system. Although I had previously sold equipment on Audiogn, this was a much more personal experience since I felt that I was dealing with a real person and not some cyber-cadet. More importantly, I felt that Christopher really understood the nature of high end transactions which differs significantly from box-in-a-box system sales. I was happy with all aspects of the transaction and the communication which accompanied it.
Lawrence Devoe

HigherFi helped me to sell my pair of preowned Wilson Alexandria X-2 speakers [$135,000 retail]. They professionally handled the sale, found the buyer, collected all of the money and after I shipped the speakers to their customer, promptly paid me in full. I highly recommend Chris Moon and his company as an honest, reliable, first-rate company. 
Jim Petersen, Jr.

Great transaction, they sold our Genesis 1.1 speakers [$150,000 retail], prompt payment, great communication, highly recommended, A+++ 
Dave Santerian - SOUNDEX

I listed for sale my Cello Palette preamp [$9,000] and a pair of Cello Performance Amp II's [$25,000] with Chris Moon at HigherFi.com. He worked with me to list and market them on his site and within several weeks had found a buyer for my preamp. The sale went off without a problem. The amps took a little longer but he again found a buyer at my price and the sale went smoothly. The buyers were in the USA and Hong Kong but the distance didn't seem to matter. The sale of each piece went quickly and without a hitch. I would recommend Chris Moon at HigherFi without hesitation if you are looking to sell or buy High end audio equipment. He is very friendly and pleasant to work with. 
Clarke Hankey

They made a high dollar transaction comfortable [$33,000 Audionote GakuOn amplifiers]. Great follow ups and updates. Does what he says he will do. Highly recommended and trustworthy. Thanks. 
Deja Vu Audio

Dear Chris, Thank you for all of your help in [selling my $89,000 Cabasse Atlantis speakers], it could not have happened without you. 
Charles E Lindley III

Thank you for helping me to sell almost $140,000 (in retail value) of my Tube Research audio equipment. Not only did you handle the details with the several overseas buyers that you found but you managed to sell ALL of my used gear in only 40 days!!! I highly recommend your service. 
Brian M. Emerson

HigherFi made my dreams come true, they sold my $40K Boulder amp in less than 30 days and then helped me purchase my first pair of Wilson speakers [$80,000 retail]. I highly recommend Chris Moon and his company. 
Rod Tschiggfrig

Chris Moon and HigherFi exceeded my expectations of a high end audio shop in every regard. He was a able to sell a pair of X-1 Grand Slams for us in UNDER one week! His communication, professionalism and integrity were among the very best that we've encountered. Throughout the 40k transaction, he was there with packing and shipping advice as well as making sure that the funds were bank wired directly into our account. We will definitely use him to help us sell the higher than hi-end audio in the future. 
Kurt Doslu, owner Echo Audio

We have customers on every continent and in most countries around the globe, and have received ongoing praise over the years from many of the audio industry's most respected experts. To learn more about our company, products, shipping or for audiophiles looking to sell their high-end equipment, call HigherFi, 7-days a week, directly at 952-440-2226.

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