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Fake Checks

As a service to the audio community, HigherFi reports scams here that are being employed to defraud dealers and buyers. If you have evidence of such a scam, please let us know so we can help spread the word. This is the reaon HigherFi does not accept checks (even Bank Checks) for large purchases - we have just seen way too many forgeries to take the risk on them.


Forged Bank Check are common these days and often look very real with what appears to be water marks and even hologram images on the checks. These often (but not always) come out of Nigeria and can usually be quickly identified by calling the bank noted on the check. The check we received shown above was from the State Bank of Kimball in St. Cloud, MN. (telephone 320-398-3500). A discussion with the bank revealed they are receiving as many as 12 of these forged checks PER DAY from people all over the U.S. in amounts ranging from $5,000 up to $1,000,000.

The scam anticipates that you will deposit the check and then send the merchandise or a partial refund back to them BEFORE you realize the check is a forgery. This can often take a week to 10 days BEFORE you actually know and the buyer will typically request you ship in just a day or two - this way you find out too late AFTER you have ships the product. On this example the names used are Stephen Smith and Marcus Smith (who call personally from England.) Checks arrive via FedEx International Priority so they actually spent some money to get it to you making you think it is more likely real, it isnt.

We have customers on every continent and in most countries around the globe, and have received ongoing praise over the years from many of the audio industry's most respected experts. To learn more about our company, products, shipping or for audiophiles looking to sell their high-end equipment, call HigherFi, 7-days a week, directly at 952-440-2226.

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