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ABOUT HigherFi Hi-Rez Music:
At HigherFi MEDIA, you can finally download true audiophile quality music that is 6 times better than Apple iTunes. No more low quality music files that sound compressed and unbearable - our high resolution music downloads allows you to select the music you want in true high definition

Most downloaded music is highly compressed in order to keep the size of each song as small as possible. The result is music that does NOT sound like the original, it is typically lacking in dynamics, suffering from limited extended frequency response (reduced lows and highs), has less "realness" and sounds more "electronic" sounding instead of more natural sounding.
This is not the case with our High Definition music downloads.

Music downloaded here does not suffer from these quality issues since the media you download is at the same quality level as the original CD itself. This means it will always be much larger in size (the files will be much bigger) but the quality will also be much higher. For the ultimate in music you should always insist on high definition downloads for the best audio and video experiences.

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