"HigherFi Can Deliver Discrete & Rapid Inventory Reduction".

HigherFi, as little as 4 days, has helped other well known audio manufacturers achieve almost $100,000 in immediate cash in as little as one week by selling their new, demo, floor-models and/or B-stock products. We can help you. This is accomplished using our tested and proven "discrete" sales system which does not disturb your existing dealer and/or distributor base or negatively affect the current value of your products. We can accomplish the following for you:

• Rapidly sell $50,000 to $100,000+ of your products in as little as a week and recieve FULL payment.

• Maintain high profit margins to you on the products sold.

• Preserve the current market value of each of the products sold.

• Preserve and protect your existing dealer and distributor networks.

• Maintain your complete confidentiality throughout (and after) the entire sales process.

NO RISK – YOU’RE IN CONTROL: You retain the equipment and only ship AFTER you have been paid. At your option, we can operate our accelerated sales program strictly within the USA or instantly switch it to operate globally. Whether your products average a retail price of $500 or $10,000 each, we have the expertise and industry track record to professionally sell your products … quickly, securely and professionally.

Our proven and discrete sales system has been used by some of the countries largest audio manufacturers and dealers. At zero cost and without obligation, we can help you. For more information, please contact Christopher Moon at (952) 440-2226 or click here to email us.


The Myths & Reality Of Selling Audio Online:

Myth: Internet sales hurt brick and mortar dealers.
Reality: Internet buyers are cost sensitive consumers who do not pay retail prices and are not a typical dealer's customer. Online sales can reach NEW customers, expand audience awareness and promote products into new geographic areas. Internet sales also maintain strong "used" product values and can actually INCREASE sales for your dealer network.

Myth: Customers only buy after hearing a product in a dealer showroom.
Reality: Many customers buy on word of mouth, magazine reviews, Web research and/or after hearing a friend's equipment. Effectively designed Web Sites can sell your product WITHOUT an audition. AWe regularly sell items over $10,000 which the customer has never even heard!

Myth: Selling online devalues my product..
Reality: Not true. We have several tried and true methods of selling new products that does not negatively impact either the value or your existing dealer netowrk ... ask us how.