We sell high end hifi internationally.
W We buy, sell, trade & ship the best audio speakers and components worldwide. We specialize in new & used hifi audio sales for dealers, manufacturers, estates & private parties. HigherFi is the world's largest online seller for high-end hifi audio speakers, amps, preamps, home theater and digital.
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ABOUT HigherFi:

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Yes, we even publish our own customer complaints right here on our own website.

B U Y I N G  &   S E L L I N G    O P T I O N S

On select gear, at our option, HigherFi will provide am interest-free layaway service. The service works as follows.

1) Buyer provides a 15%-20% down payment (15% on items selling for over $3,000 and 20% for items selling for under $3,000 ) which secures and holds the equipment for a period of 30 days.

2) If after 30 days the balance has not been paid in full, an amount equivalent to the original deposit will hold the gear for an additional 30 days, for a total interest-free layaway term of no longer than 60 days.

3) Unless specifically agreed to beforehand, 60 days is the longest layaway term we provide. It is expected that you will pay the balance in this term in full or forfeit any deposits made since we will be telling other buyers the unit has been sold and will have to start marketing again.

On some gear, at our option, HigherFi may market your gear for 90 days at our web site and via all other listings we do regularly ... AT NO COST.

1) We will help you sell your gear within this 90 day timeframe and only recieve a commission (over and above your minimum selling price) , if we are successful. We get around 7,000 visitors per week from all over the world so we have high traffic which is targetted to High-End Audio.

2) You keep the equipment in your possession, should we find a buyer, you ship direct to them - CASH/COD and they pay you directly.

3) You promise to provide accurate information about your gear, a photograph and to ship promptly.


We appreciate looking at ALL trade-in proposals, even non-audio related trades, and we end up doing many of them. When considering trade-ins, the trade must meet the following 3 criteria.

1) We must be able to make a margin of profit on the trade-in or it isn't worth doing.

2) It must be gear we believe can sell in a reasonable amount of time OR be expensive, i.e. be gear which is in demand by a reasonable number of buyers OR be very expensive.

3) It must be the kind of gear we normally deal in (amps, preamps, speakers & cd transports/players). We do not normally deal in cartridges, reel to reel, receivers, stands, cassette decks.

HigherFi requires the following information in order to assess a trade-in.
Please complete this short list and return it to us via email:

* Manufacturer and EXACT model number
* Serial number
* Original list price (if known)
* Age and condition (cosmetically and functionally)
* Original box and manual included
* Any flaws or shortcomings with the unit
* How much you want for the unit in trade
* Item you are interested in trading for

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