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WHAT IS HigherFi:
HigherFi (formerly MoonAudio.com) was started over 15 years ago by a hifi enthusiast who sought the ultimate in high end audio. HigherFi.com is owned by HigherFi Inc. based in Minnesota, USA which deals in ultra-high end audio, worldwide specializing in the finest quality new, used and demo hifi equipment available.

Founded by an internationally known record producer/engineer with over 50,000 hours in studio production (and a $200,000 personal hifi system) and with over 10 million records sold worlwide we have a very good idea of what really great sound is ... and while you can buy stereo gear anywhere, there is only one place on the Internet to buy the ultimate in HiFi. HigherFi - our name says it all.

NOTE: A portion of the proceeds from all sales goes to fund our family non-profit organization: MIA HUNTERS which specializes in finding and recovering lost WWII airmen (at NO COST to the families) and returning their remains for burial here in the U.S.A.

HigherFi has been developed over 15 years to deliver the ultimate audio equipment worldwide at the best prices possible. We have built our reputation on providing high-end quality audio products at great prices and delivering these internationally, while making sure every customer is happy. Since we specialize in ultra high-end audio equipment our average transaction is around $20,000 with many well over $40,000. Every customer prepays us prior to shipping and over 70% of these buyers are first time customers! We couldn't do this if our customers didn't trust us, often with very large amounts of money, to always act in an ethical and honest manner - our business really has been built on trust. Below we outline how we do business and how you know you can rely on HigherFi.

If you decide to proceed with your purchase from us, here is how a typical transaction works:

1) We will provide you with a written contract outlining the terms and details of the transaction - this is your legal agreement with us.
2) After you review the agreement and confirm it accurately reflects the terms of the transaction, the wire transfer is completed.
3) We confirm via email receipt of your funds when they arrive.
4) We order your equipment and confirm via email when it is ready to ship.
5) We ship your order and provide you with the tracking number via email.
6) We remain available for you to reach us 7 days a week via phone or email both during and after the transaction to answer any questions you have.

On all purchases pre-payment is required by bank wire transfer (for U.S. or international customers). On items under $5,000 we may, at our option, take PayPal (add 3%) or a U.S. based credit card - please inquire. We also accept Certified USA Bank Checks for qualified individuals (we have a nice collection of forged Bank Checks so we are naturally cautious about these). Please note shipping costs, insurance or import duties, if applicable, is NOT included in our listed prices as we never know where we will be shipping to until the item is sold.

We have great eBay ratings (user name Lunac4i21) as we have been an eBay seller since 1998, we also have great Audiogone ratings and we have extensive customer testimonials . We are also the only known company in the world that posts any negative feedback from our own customers about us at our own website (www.HigherFi.com/complain.htm).

For those who are prudent, fully check us out first and have comfort in doing long distance purchases, we can save you thousands. We have looked at many ways to transact payments but we have yet to find a method which guarantees us payment other than wire transfers. We do many International transactions over $50,000 USD and have an impeccable record for delivering the products we sell as represented to clients around the globe. By only taking secure payments on International transactions we are able to keep our costs low because we do not have any losses to recover and therefor do not have to offset losses with higher prices.
For some, the worry of risk may exceed the savings realized when buying from us, in which case it is better to not proceed as you should have a good level of comfort in who you are dealing with before doing such transactions. If there is something additional we can do to help demonstrate the safety of transactions with us, please inquire, we are happy to meet most requests.

We are experienced in shipping high-end audio gear internationally, we have happy clients from Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia and South America where we ship on a weekly basis. We can handle shipping the smallest or largest of items, take care of the required documentation at this end, make sure your item is professionally packaged and help you keep import duties to a minimum.

On items under $5,000 we accept PayPal, Credit Cards and wire transfers. On orders over $5,000 and for international purchases we require pre-payment via bank wire transfer. No item is considered sold and is subject to prior sale until we receive a deposit or final payment. Everything we ship, we insure and we know how to package it so it arrives safely. While we cannot guarantee delivery dates we will make a best effort to get you the merchandise as quickly as possible. All sales are final, so please make sure you ask any questions prior to making a purchase. For international buyers, you are responsible for any import duties, taxes or customs requirements for importing products - if in doubt please contact your local customs office to ask any questions you may have.

All equipment is sold on an "as is" basis and all sales are final which is typical of those selling demo and used high end audio. Unless noted otherwise, no guarantees or warranties apply. HigherFi will try to do anything we can to facilitate making your purchase as risk free as possible. We regularly handle purchases of $50,000-$100,000 USD and know how to provide you with the comfort required to proceed with such transactions. References available ... see below.

To contact us - feel free to call 7 days a week from 10am-8pm (Central Time) at (952) 440-2226,
or email us here.
Phone: 952.440.2226
Our mailing address is:
7106 Southgate Court, Sarasota, Florida 34243 (Auditions by appointment only).